COVID-19 | March 17th News

Brome Lake announced on March 17, 2020 — While the Eastern Townships are currently experiencing one of the highest increases in COVID-19 cases, with the confirmation of six new infected individuals, the Town of Brome Lake is asking its citizens to step up their efforts to avoid accelerating the spread of the virus. The town is once again appealing for collaboration by inviting people to limit their travel and stay home.

“Our merchants are also going through a tough time. Let’s try to encourage them as best we can, while respecting the instructions. They need us,” said Brome Lake Mayor Richard Burcombe.   

The spirit of mutual aid and solidarity between family members and neighbours who are elderly or in a vulnerable situation is encouraged. “Do your part by helping with shopping, for example, always in accordance with the measures in place,” says Mayor Burcombe. 

The Town of Brome Lake also reiterates the government’s appeal to young people through the campaign “Propage l’info, pas le virus”. The campaign preaches to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people to prevent from becoming a source of contagion. 

It should also be noted that according to a government measure, first responders in Brome Lake will no longer be asked to travel for a priority 3 intervention (problems deemed non-urgent). This measure will limit their outings and prevent them from being placed in a risky situation. Nothing changes for the other aspects of their work. 

Locally, The Town of Brome Lake continues to closely monitor the evolution of the situation. Measures to support vulnerable people and citizens aged 70 and over are currently being initiated and will be announced as they come available. Daily updates will also be made on the various platforms of CIDI 99.1 FM in regards to all towns within our broadcasting radius. 

In response to the directives issued by the Direction de la Santé Publique, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all town halls announced their closure as of Tuesday, March 17, for an undetermined period of time. This means that all in-person meetings scheduled from March 17th onward with any of your towns employees are canceled. 

In most municipalities an emergency number has been announced for citizens to use and most municipalities should still be using e-mail and other online services, like websites, to communicate with municipal employees and the public. This measure is in addition to those announced on Friday, which includes the closure of all town community centres in the region causing the interruption of all courses and activities previously offered. It should be noted, however, that CLSC’s and blood collection clinics remain accessible. Blood is desperately needed at this moment, but it is advised not to give blood if you have suffered from COVID-19 within the last 40 days. 

“Brome Lake is one of the communities with the highest average age in Quebec,” said Mayor Richard Burcombe.

It has been asked, by all municipalities of the MRC, that citizens stay home and restrict all outings as much as possible. The municipal administrations are also in early warning mode following meetings in the past few days. It is important to know that the civil protection plan, that the Eastern Township’s mandates, covers all risks, including those associated with a pandemic, and the measures to deal with it. 

Town of Brome Lake Press Release: