Got a great idea for a radio show?

Bring your idea to life!

CIDI 99.1 Community Radio is accepting applications and suggestions from potential volunteer radio hosts and DJs. We are looking for individuals with a love for our local community. Use the power of radio to share your passion, ideas, information and talent with our loyal listeners.

Interested in having a radio show aired on CIDI 99.1? :

  1. Submit your idea. This can be done via the CIDI 99.1 form below or in your own format and sent to our email, but should include the following information:
    • Show Title
    • Show Type (Music, talk, variety, etc…)
    • Genre or show topics focus
    • Target Audience
    • Contact information
    • Experience or credentials

  2. If we love your idea, we may ask you to submit a short demo recording of the show. If you have one already, feel free to submit it with the proposal. The demo should be 10-20 minutes in length and be an example of what listeners can expect to hear on your show. If you need assistance with recording a demo, we are able to assist. An appointment will be scheduled with our production team.

  3. If your show suggestion is selected, you will then meet with the CIDI 99.1 station manager (Cathy) to review the details of the proposed program.

All show suggestions and/or demos should be emailed to with the subject “Show Proposal”.

Proposals are reviewed in batches, so allow 2-3 weeks to receive a response.

Submission Form