Amid all the chaos in the world right now citizens have been stuck in the dark about the fate of Halloween. With restrictions affecting schools and all extracurricular activities children are need of some sort of activity to look forward too. That activity being Halloween. Premier Legault (Quebec) announced Halloween is permitted in the province, but local officials are able to adjust the rules and regulations to best fit their municipalities. “Last year Halloween was cancelled due to a historic rain storm, so we don’t want to upset the children again this year” stated Premier Legault, “Halloween is outside so the risk is a lot lower than an inside activity.”

Located in the Eastern Townships most town and village citizens gather at the local community centre or fire hall to hand out candy to the people in costumes, however, due to the COVID-19 restrictions this would be impossible. People are unable to social distance. On the other hand, in most cases the more conventional sense of trick-or-treating is also difficult because we live in a farming community consisting of acreages. With all these difficulties on the table each town determined their own fate for Halloween night.

The towns of Bedford and Farnham are hosting Halloween Decoration Competitions. Members of the community are invited to decorate their houses to the best of their abilities for a chance to not only win a prize but to increase the morale of the citizens in town. The towns of Bromont, Cowansville, Freighsburg, Sutton, and Lac Brome are permitting regular trick-or-treating at your own risk. However, a newsletter has been distributed to all mail boxes describing how to go about this activity safely. “We recommend going trick-or-treating only with people from your household and also only visiting the homes on your street or at least the ones the closest to your location” suggested Mayor Burcombe. Lac Brome is also hosting a pumpkin carving competition. Citizens have been invited to the local feed store to collect a pumpkin. The only rule is that once the pumpkin is carved you must return it back to the location for judging and again the chance to win a local prize. “We are adapting the best we can to allow Halloween to be fun for the kids but also safe” said Mayor Burcombe.

Halloween parties are strictly prohibited. The Eastern Townships are currently in zone orange (third highest level of the COVID alert), so it is recommended to only be six people per household and if gathering there can only a maximum of six people coming from two addresses. Citizens have been advised that there will be a police presence monitoring the situation.

Unfortunately, the Town of Waterloo decided to fully cancel Halloween and all activities pertaining to October 31st. “We would rather be super safe then sorry. Low numbers now mean a greater chance we can gather at Christmas” stated Mayor Lachapelle.

Halloween is a fun holiday, but enjoyment cannot sacrifice safety. “We will have to have some restrictions, but my hope is that we can see our friends and family at Christmas” expressed Premier Legault.

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