At the recent annual board meeting Theatre Lac Brome officially announced a new fundraising campaign: Looking Forward to 2021… and Beyond. The goal of this campaign is to hopefully raise $500,000 over the period of two years. “Jean-Claude, the president, has been thinking about how we are going to financially be sustainable” said Olivia Enns, “it’s been a couple of months if not years the board has been thinking how do we think forward? So, this has been awhile in coming, but I am very excited that it has come to fruition.”

The Donations.  

As for the donations they are for “a plethora of things; that’s why we want to make every donation count” mentioned Madame Enns. Anyone from the community or the country, in fact, is able to donate. However, the fun part is that when donating the donor is able to choose where exactly their money goes. “Every donation can be made with a specific goal in mind, so, for instance if you want to give money to costumes for a play that’s definitely an option.” Not only is it money well spent, but you know where your money is being spent. “The idea is that people can give a $20 donation that counts as much as a $200,000 donation. The point is that every donation counts.” said Madame Enns contently.

Campaign Promoters.

This fundraising campaign will include a set of co-presidents: Susan Pepler and Yves Desjardins Siciliano. A very popular name in town, Madame Pepler, is a visual artist and Monsieur Desjardins Siciliano, a new resident of town, is a prominent businessman being the CEO of Siemens Mobility. Among other things the main role of the co-presidents “is to help make the donate page even more accessible and user friendly” added Madame Enns. “Susan is fantastic for her marketing. She is a people person. She is good at getting peoples interest and she is approachable” mentioned Madame Enns. On the other hand, “Yves is a forward thinker; a visionary. He is actually responsible for modernizing Via Rail. He is good at thinking how we can turn this company around and make it into something people are proud of” noted Madame Enns. It is safe to say the theatre is in good hands and is being set up for nothing but success. Madame Enns concluded in saying “the pandemic has thrown many curve balls and we are dodging them as best we can, and we cross our fingers for 2021 that we can have a full season and get back on our feet.”

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