Being an iconic landmark in the Town of Knowlton, Theatre Lac Brome announced the news of receiving a large grant from Heritage Canada. “I am very happy to finally say that we received about $57,000” publicized Olivia “we got the news a couple of months ago after spending weeks and months before in the backroom writing the grant proposal.” The theatre is unable to fully disclose exactly what the project entails, however, it will be a heritage project. As a little hint to bring excitement to the town the slogan will be, “honour the past, build the future”, so use your imagination as to what that holds. “So, what we are trying to do is basically acknowledge all the people, all the institutions, all the groups who have helped build TLB, Theatre Lac Brome, into what it is today, so that we can basically acknowledge the past because it hasn’t been done before in an effective way” explained Olivia.

The theatre receives government grants, but mostly relies on donations in order to keep operations going, so, the approval of this large grant is outstanding especially during these unprecedented times. Not only does this grant bring money to the theatre, it also creates plenty more volunteer opportunities and potentially more job positions. “There is going to be many components to this project. There is going to be research, archiving, our website is going to be revamped in order to pay tribute to everybody that has built and sustained the theatre over the last many years” elaborated Olivia.

As for when there will be tangible results, “there will be an official unveiling at some point in 2021 when we can actually have people come physically to the theatre” stated Olivia. In the coming weeks there will be an official call for volunteers who would like to be involved. “We will need people to do anything from researching to archiving to interviewing people to taking pictures or finding pictures” explained Olivia “this is going to be a really big project that is completely dependent on volunteers.” “Although the public has to wait until 2021 for the project to see the light of day it will be worth it” assured Olivia.

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