Warm weather equals going outside. Going outside equals taking more walks. Taking too many walks equals finding a new way to adventure. Finding a new way to adventure equals bike rides. Bike rides equals “uh oh” I need a new bike.

The problem of needing a new bike at this very moment is seeming to be a popular trend. However, this new popular trend is creating an unprecedented problem. We are running out of bikes!!! Canada is currently experiencing a shortage of bike supply due to the unusually high demand in the middle of May.

Bike shops all around the country are experiencing this same issue with one in Saskatoon stating their sales, in comparison to last year at the same time, have increased 60%! The bike shop is attributing this spike in demand to the fact that people are unable to go on holidays, so they are having staycations and you can’t have a staycation without bike rides.

According to the bike manufacturing company “Live to Play Sports”, who distributes bikes to over 30 countries, this phenomenon is “off the charts” and bikes are running out around the world. In the beginning companies were scaling down on bike stock because they were concerned no one would be buying a bike at this time but were they ever wrong. Most bike sales are actually being done online too which is even better for the local bike shops.

This is a good problem to have but unfortunately it is most likely short lived. The shortage will only be temporary until full production is up and going once again. Amidst all of the world shenanigans a temporary bike shortage is a pretty good problem to have. Let’s go on a bike ride!


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