New American Movie Filming in Knowlton!

And… Action! Our wonderful town of Knowlton is yet again starring in an American cinematic production. This is one more for the list which already includes: Nine Lives (2016) starring Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner, I’m Not There (2007) starring Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976) starring Jodie Foster, My Side of the Mountain (1969), Summer (2002), The Slavers (1984), and of course many more within the Eastern Townships.

It is hard to say what draws movie producers and story plots to this tiny Quebec town many call home. Could it be the picturesque lake? The quaint downtown? The beautiful historic houses? The friendly people? Who truly knows, but in my opinion it is a wonderful opportunity to share our piece of paradise with the rest of the world! Maybe if you are lucky you could even spot a movie star!

Now, let’s dive into the towns hottest topic over the past week: What movie is it? With devoted and timely research, we can speculate that Knowlton will be the backdrop for a new American T.V. movie titled “The Republic of Sarah”.

“The Republic of Sarah” is a CW drama pilot by the director Marc Webb and produced by CBS Studios and Fulwell 73. Director Marc Webb is known in Hollywood to be a producer, director, and a writer. He has been involved in the making of many movies and TV shows including an episode of a personal favourite: The Office. He has also directed blockbusters such as: 500 Days of Summer (2009), The Amazing Spider-man 1 & 2 (2012 & 2014), and Gifted (2017) as well as produced the TV series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015 – 2019) just to name a few.  

This new T.V. movie is written by Jeffrey Paul King. King has also written and produced several episodes of the T.V. series “Elementary”.

“The Republic of Sarah” takes place in a small town in the state of New Hampshire. It follows a high school history teacher (Sarah) on her adventure of finding an “obscure cartographical loophole” to save her town after the discovery of a valuable resource within its limits. Through this loophole Sarah is trying to create an independent country, hence the name of the movie. She is quickly tossed on the world stage to save her town from being turned to ruins by a “greedy mining company”.

Okay, here comes the excitement: Who is coming to town? It is hard to say exactly which characters are going to be present because this is only the pilot episode, but here are a few names and faces to be on the lookout for. “The Republic of Sarah” will be starring:

Sarah Drew as Sarah Cooper. Drew is also known for her roles as: Dr. April Kepner in Grey’s Anatomy (2009 – 2018), Allyson in Moms’ Night Out (2014), Suzy Pepper in Glee, and Kitty Romano in Mad Men (2008 – 2009) just to name a few.

Daniel Ings as Danny. Ings is also known for his roles as: Andy in Instinct (2018 – 2019), David Gilkes in Black Mirror (2019), Dan in Sex Education (2019), Luke in Lovesick (2014 – 2018), Mike Parker in The Crown (2016 – 2017), Matt Taverner in W1A (2014 – 2017), Zach in Eddie the Eagle (2015), and lots more.

Kirsten Nelson as Francine. Nelson is also known for her roles as: Dr. Green in This Is Us (2019), Karen Vick in Psych (2006 – 2014), Jeanie in Malcolm in the Middle (2005), and many more.

Annie Funke as Corrine Dearborn. Funke is also known for her roles as: Sister Franciene in Lucifer (2020), Kendra in Grey’s Anatomy (2020), Amanda in Chicago Fire (2018), Mae Jarvis in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016 – 2017), and the list continues.

Karin Konoval as Judge Paula Judge. Konoval is also known for her roles as: Nurse Deena Petringa (2018 – 2019), Maurice in War for the Planet of the Apes (2017), Maurice in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), Mrs. Irvine in Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Aggie Wilkins is Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004), and plenty more blockbusters.

Jack Moore as Josh. Moore is also known for his roles as: William Clayton in Arrow (2015 – 2020), and a few more.

Ian Duff known for his roles as: Michael Duke in New Amsterdam (2019 – 2020), and a few others.

Forrest Goodluck known for his roles as: Hawk in The Revenant (2015), and more.

To all the aspiring actors and actresses in the Knowlton area there has been a casting call for film extras from March 18th – March 22nd. Find more information here:

Rumor has it that Le Relais has been requested for some filming! And who knows where else…

And…. Cut! That’s a wrap!

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