Pastor Brent Robillard

Consider all the doomsday scenarios that are floating around today. It’s hard to get excited about anything. What is the point of our existence? How do I take my Christian Values and apply them to life today?  That’s what CIDI’s “Ask The Pastor” is all about!

My name is Brent Robillard and I am one of the hosts of “Ask the Pastor”.  I am a clergy member of the Christian community here in Granby.  I am a firm believer that having a belief in God and understanding a little bit better how the Bible relates to our daily lives is a tie that holds us together, gives us purpose, grounds us, strengthens us, and focusses us so that we can better move ahead for a brighter tomorrow.

As people, we are always in need of strength and understanding. We often forget to turn in to the church for answers. But some do, and those “questions” are what we try and deal with here on the ask the pastor show.

The “Ask the Pastor” show is not really about church, but about our daily lives with God and our fellow man – that is REAL Christianity.

As we explore this thing called life and try to make sense of it, we look to the Bible for guidance. Even though the Bible was written long ago, it’s principles are good for us today. People don’t really change, only the times.

So if there is something on your mind, why not just:  “Ask The Pastor”!