The State of Independents

The Saturday, from 15:00 to 16:00

CIDI is proud to announce the launch of a new local program beginning Saturday, February 3rd at 3 pm, entitled The State of Independents. The host, Donald Finigan, has been a committee member of the Acoustic Village music series at the Star Café in Knowlton for three years.

The concept for the radio show grew as an extension of the concert series, and as such will be an hour-long radio program devoted entirely to independent music. It will consist predominantly of pre-recorded music but will also on occasion feature interviews with the artist and in-studio recordings.. 

In this context, the term “independent music” applies to a musician not under contract with a major music label, typically those musicians who are self-published or supported by independent labels. The goal of this show is to provide exposure to such musicians since radio airplay is a commodity they rarely, if ever, have.

This curated program will be a mix of varying musical styles presented in three-song sets followed by commentary about the artists – their history, upcoming performances and any other relevant news. Although the artists are independent and, in many cases, amateur (in the sense that they are not full-time musicians), they will still be of a calibre to warrant airplay. 

While local musicians will often be featured, the intent is to provide exposure for musicians regardless of their geographical origin (although Canadian content will be predominant). Francophone artists also will be included. Another goal is that the show will further contribute to putting Knowlton on the map as a location for independent artists seeking venues to play.

Show repeats the following Monday at 9 pm, after which the podcast can be heard on our website. Musicians interested in submitting their music for airplay are welcome to contact us at

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