About Townshippers (Repeat)

The Tuesday, from 10:00 to 11:00

This is a repeat broadcast of the previous Friday's show.

Hosts from Townshippers’ Association report on projects and activities of Townshippers’
Association in collaboration with our many partners. We interview a variety of interesting
people in the townships covering cultural events and meeting artists, historians, writers
and musicians. The participation and activity in the creative arts is alive and well in
Brome County.

On the topic of Health and Social Services, we interview people from community
organizations and public institutions which provide services and activities in English in
this region. We place special emphasis on mental health issues, literacy and school and
training programs. We especially like to do stories about people helping people, which
showcase the wonderful spirit of volunteering and support in this community. It is a
pleasure to highlight the richness of talents and community spirit of our region.


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