The State of Independents

Missed an episode? Click listen podcast for the most recent show. Episode 41: November 10, 2018.

Gretchen Peters Arguing With Ghosts Dancing With The Beast 2018
Said The Whale* Emily Rose As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide 2017
Hollow Coves We Will Run Wanderlust 2017
Rose Cousins* The Darkness We Have Made A Spark 2012
Kasey Anderson & The Honkies  Like Teenage Gravity Let The Bloody Moon Rise 2018
Cheshire Carr* Until You Come Home Odds and Ends 2016
Allman Brown  Fires 1000 Years 2017
Max Comeau * Don't Stop You 2015
Joannie Benoit * Les Éclats Feux de Bengale 2018
Brooke Annibale  We Were Not Ready Hold To The Light 2018
Liz Lawrence Chainsmoking Non-album single 2017
Ben Glover (w/Neilson Hubbard) Song For the Fighting Shorebound 2018
*Denotes Canadian content