Changes to Our Programming Schedule

Beginning June 10th and continuing over the week you’ll be noticing changes in our program schedule and music mixes. This is all part of an effort to improve your listening pleasure by creating more thematically related playlists during different parts of the day and week.

For instance, we will be creating “drive time” music mixes for the morning and afternoon commuting periods featuring lively, upbeat music that is popular for driving. At different times of the day we will feature playlists that are more tightly created around a genre of music. And in the evenings we will be running most of our hosted music programs, setting up a theme for a more consistent listening experience each evening.

We’ll continue to inform you of the program changes as they roll out during the week, and provide you with a revised program schedule that is suitable for printing.

This is all part of our mission to develop our brand as a community broadcaster that serves its community with a distinctive voice and that pays tribute to our Canadian and local talent.

For an updated weekly program schedule that you can print, click here